Amazon back after rare site crash

Blog Everything Sharing - homepage is back after a rare outage that left the site inaccessible for about an hour on Thursday afternoon.

Amazon back after rare site crash

Around 2:30 p.m. ET, users began complaining that they weren't able to access's homepage. Some were able to get to other parts of Amazon's site, and the mobile app appeared to be unscathed. Amazon-owned properties like Zappos and IMDB were also unaffected.

Amazon released a short statement confirming that its "gateway page" was down for "some customers for approximately 49 minutes."

According to data from Web performance monitoring firm Apica, Amazon's homepage went down at 2:32 p.m. and was back by 3:21.

The outage was short, but it's extremely rare for to crash. Amazon depends on heavy e-commerce traffic, especially around the holidays, so it has famously massive server capacity to handle traffic spikes. Even a few minutes of downtime can cost the company millions.

Its powerful "elastic" infrastructure, called EC2, is designed to minimize downtime as much as possible. Amazon also runs a sideline business, called Amazon Web Services, hosting other websites. Amazon Web Services remained unaffected by Thursday's outage, according to Amazon's status dashboard.

It was a day of Internet glitches. Twitter also suffered intermittent outages for about three hours on Thursday.

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