Solution to the problem of acne

Acne is a very annoying problem,, now to address the problem of acne is one of the following solution:
  • Always keep the face clean, diligently wash face with soap that matches the pH of your skin. Ablution also includes a powerful therapy to reduce acne.
  • Diligent exercise or physical aseverity of my acne.
Diligent drinking water. It does look simple, but this therapy really worksctivity generate quite a lot of sweat, this proves once when I worked as an executive at a shipping company where I work so much activity produces sweat which turned out to be a boost to reduce the not just for acne problems and even for illnesses severe diseases other though. With a good system of "water" in your body, then your blood or other organs of your body will be more "clean" and healthy so it will support your healing process of acne or other diseases.
Avoid excessive stress because it can be a growing number acne triggers you.

To prevent your acne does not become more severe, the following is the solution:

Do not squeeze your pimples, especially if your hands are not clean because it will ONLY increasingly meperparah your acne may even lead to other injuries or infections.
If injuries occur, you can apply Betadine to prevent infection are ongoing.
Try to use herbs in starfruit mash until smooth like porridge mixed with water and salt to taste, body scrub also serves as an astringent that will help minimize the pores are open too wide.
Avoid fatty foods and introduce more vitamin C intake and foods that contain zinc.

nah you please try, and see the results
I hope info is useful to you .......

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