Zoner Photo Studio 13 PRO

Zoner Photo Studio 13 PRO
Zoner Photo Studio 13 PRO | 84.1 MB

A good photo editing software nih, as well as Photoshop Zoner Photo Studio serves to edit photos, but this software is far more simple than Photoshop so everyone can wear it also looks cool black metallic, and its function is not just for editing, but can mengeshare / publishing, look for photos.

Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio. Acquiring photos from your camera, your scanner, and even your screen has never been easier. Have fun organizing, sorting and browsing through your digital memories.

With Zoner Photo Studio, you'll be improving and personalizing your photos with special effects. Wow your family and friends with 3D photos and impressive panoramas!

Furthermore, Zoner Photo Studio supports the today's computing technology: SSE and MMX processor technologies and powerful multi-core processors.

Requirements :
  • Pentium-compatible 300+ MHz
  • 512 MB
  • 200 MB free disk space
  • 1024×768 High Color (TrueColor strongly recommended)
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