WebcamXP Pro 5.5.1

WebcamXP Pro 5.5.1 | 6.35 MB

WebcamXP Pro 5.5.1 Latest is useful software and also functions to change the Camera or Webcam pal into a CCTV surveillance camera. With WebcamXP Pro 5.5.1 pal can easily set up various Angle, Direction and Resolution CCTV to be broken down into several parts. WebcamXP Pro 5.5.1 This makes us feel like become an Admin Networking, because this is our job to spy on people via CCTV . hehe

Screenshot :
WebcamXP Pro

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Status: Tested (Windows 7)

INFO: Although this software has Marga XP, but the software can also be really cool run on Windows Vista / 7 that my friend made.

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