Mozilla FireFox 5.0 Alpha 2 Aurora

Fast, functional, perfectly scalable browser-based "engine" Mozilla. Firefox supports tabs (tabs) - you can open multiple pages in one window. You can also download the links in the background without leaving the page on which you are now. Excellent web browser supports standaty has convenient interface, built-in protection against pop-ups (popup blocking), an integrated search bar (Google, etc.), easy to work with bookmarks, a convenient cookie manager and a password manager, can fine-tune the blocking javascript .. .

And most importantly - security. Following the discovery of another "hole" in Internet Explorer, you will not have tons of updates, download, Firefox uses a much more reliable and secure "dvizhek" Mozilla. For paranoids have the opportunity to clean all the stored private information (passwords, cookie, history ...) with a single click. Browser functionality can be greatly expanded with the help of extensions.
  •  Experience the newest innovations in an unstable environment that’s not for the faint of heart
  •  Provide feedback on features and performance to help determine what makes the final release

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