HTC Merge Review

HTC Merge
In this review, I will be discussing HTC Merge.

Merge by HTC is a whacker, not just in terms of the size of its screen, which is 4.3 inches, but also because of the thick body of this smartphone. In terms of dimensions, the HTC Merge is 4.8 inches in length and measures 2.4 inches in width. The weight of the device is 7 ounces. However, the overall appearance of the phone is just like other HTC phone sets and on first glance, one can instantly recognize that HTC Merge belongs to the HTC smartphone family. Where the speakers are placed, there are red accents covering it, which add another plus to the design of the phone. The same red accents have helped in spicing up the keyboard buttons, as well as the Search Button in the phone.

Now the review will focus on the features of the phone. HTC Merge runs on an 800 megahertz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, boasting a 5 megapixel camera, while in video recording mode, users can record high definition videos. The phone’s QWERTY keyboard is helpful for those who message more. The resolution of the screen however, isn’t top class, if compared with the other phones of HTC, as the screen’s resolution is (800X480 pixels). The phone runs on Android 2.2, not Gingerbread 2.3 and whilst the phone has a Sense interface, it does not have the latest version installed on it, making it run on Sense 1.6 rather than Sense 2.3.

Other features of the phone include the usual Gmail, YouTube, Places, while the phone is supportive of Wi-Fi, as well as GPS and Bluetooth. Moreover, for all those who are very interested in social networking, HTC Merge offers integration with social networks such as Facebook, making your socializing experience easy.

Now I will point out the negatives of the phone in this review for those who are interested in compare and contrast.

HTC Merge’s keyboard isn’t the most comfortable QWERTY out there. There are better phones that have better keyboards. Also, the call quality of the phone is rather a bit disappointing on roaming calls.

To finish of the review, I would say that the phone is like any other usual HTC phone set, rather those phone sets that are a bit old because of the specs the phone is running on. Though overall the phone is good, in terms of design and features, but there are better phones in the same range which one can purchase.

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