Hostizzle: Free US VPN Service With 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Hostizzle is a new VPN service provider that gives you free OpenVPN service with enormous amount of bandwidth each month. The free service offers 100 GB monthly data transfer, which should be enough for most users, on a 1 Gbps port and US based IP addresses. For just $2.35 extra (at the time of this writing), users can upgrade to 350 GB of bandwidth and at $5 a month, users are entitled to unlimited data transfer. Compared to other free and paid VPN services, this is the best one on offer. My only concern is that it survives the abuse.

Hostizzle uses the OpenVPN client for establishing a secured Blowfish encrypted VPN connection, so users will have to download and install the free OpenVPN client. OpenVPN is more secured than PPTP which a majority of VPN providers use and is known to have vulnerabilities.
Go to Hostizzle download page and submit your email address which is required to generate your unique OpenVPN key.

Click on the “Get VPN codes” button on the page that opens and download the zip file that contains the key.
Unzip the contents of the archive to the OpenVPN /config directory. On a Windows machine, this will be at C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

Run the OpenVPN client, then right click on the tray icon and select 'connect.' The VPN client connects automatically and routes all your IP traffic over the secure connection.
Free US VPN Service With 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth

This certificate is valid for only thirty days. You will have to return to to regenerate the VPN codes.
Windows 7 and Vista users
If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, OpenVPN might fail to establish a connection. The OpenVPN log will show an entry:
ROUTE: route addition failed using CreateIpForwardEntry: One or more arguments are not correct.
This happens due to compatibility problems with Windows Vista, which apparently exist in Windows 7 as well. The newer beta version of OpenVPN client has a patch that fixes the problem. So if you are using Windows 7 and Vista and cannot connect to the VPN service, download the latest beta build of OpenVPN client from here.
Note: Always remember to run the OpenVPN client as administrator. Alternatively, right click on the shortcut to OpenVPN client in your start menu/desktop and choose Properties. Click on Compatibility tab and check the box “Run this program as Administrator”.
Free US VPN Service With 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth

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