xDDoSeR 7.1

-New login (this time uses forum login & backup server) No more login. But, I can still suspend HWIDs. I also keep track.
-Strongest UDP we could have, while keeping it stable 3x the DDoS we had before.
-Clean new design.
-Auto listen
-News & Ad space

xDDoSeR 7.1
  • Download and Execute links
  • Change colors (background, font)
  • TCP feature added
  • Antis
  • Add to startup
  • Help Menu
  • Contact us
  • Major/minor updates (if major, you have to update, if minor, then it's optional.)
  • Icon download

You have to have ports 1994 and 81 open.
You have to use a no-ip.info (ex. y76.no-ip.info)

Frequently Asked Questions:
A: Is it free forever?
B: Yes, now forever.

A: Do I lose bots on this?
B: No way. This is really stable.

A: Is it a shell booter?
B: No, it uses bots, home connections.

A: Can I resell this?
B: No. If you do, & I find out, then I will report.

A: Is it FUD?
B: No, use any crypter. If it doesn't work, use a different one.

A: Are there updates for free?
B: Yes, always.

A: What if the site is down?
B: There is a backup server now. When the site is down, then click USE BACK UP and you will be able to login.

A: Is our information shared with anyone?
B: Hell nah!

A: Is everything secure?
B: Yes

A: How many times a month do you update?
B: We try to keep the updates minimal, but when we find something new to implement, we try and do in a timely manor.

A: I need help.
B: Watch the fucking video, or click the info button on the client.

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