Client for Google Translate Pro v5.2.604

Google Translate Pro v5.2.604
Client for Google Translate Pro v5.2.604 | 2.7 MB

Client for Google Translate [/ b] - software for instant translation in selected browser text with more than 50 languages. The utility also works in Windows applications such as Outlook, MS Word, etc. After installation, you will see the interpreter on the system tray and whenever you want to translate some text, all you need to do is select (highlight) the text and everything will be translated instantaneously. Translation can be copied to the clipboard. You can also copy text to the clipboard and vctavit in the window caused by clicking on ikonke program in the tray.

  • [b]Features :
- Instant translation of selected text in most programs.
- Support for 51 yazyka, automatic language identification.
- Quick call the interpreter with hot keys.
- The "Add a better translation."
- Automatic control over news and updates.
- PRO version gives you quick access to Wikipedia and the possibility to install dictionaries XDXF.

  • On the version PRO:
- Learn foreign words
Learner - a gadget on the desktop for the effective learning of foreign words. With it, you will be able to gently replenish your vocabulary.
- Support Wikipedia
Client for Google Translate Pro will allow you to get the definition of various terms and other useful information from Wikipedia as quickly and simply as a translation of the text. Just select the term and click the icon W. Excerpt from Wikipedia to open a popup window under cursor!
- Support for dictionaries XDXF
XDXF (XML Dictionary eXchange Format) - a project that brings together all existing open dictionaries.

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