This is Money And Memorandum of World's First Bank

This is the oldest currency in the world, who believed first used in Szechwan, China in 1024.

The first currency in the world

The story of the use of paper money originally came from the story of Marcelino, a European adventurer, who had lived 20 years in China and then tells the news to the community. That said, the money is made from tree mulbery whose quality was then not so good.

This is the oldest bank notes found in the world, the first released on the 17th century.

Memorandum of World's First Bank

At that time, 100 Daler, central banks in Sweden released the first bank notes in 1666, which serves as a sign of claim and proof of availability of savings deposits. After that, banks in other regions such as the bank released a memorandum made in England in 1694.