Mummies From Japan

Seeing these mummies chilling felt goosebumps. These mummies are not shaped like a mummy that we've seen. The shape is creepy, like a form of evil in its most horrible. These mummies are now kept in several museums and buddha temple in Japan.

One of the most horrible is the sinister form of three-faced mummy. People menyebutnya'demon mummies' or mummy seramnya.Mumi devil so the devil is now kept in the temple Zengyōj, tempats embayang Buddhists. Located in the city of Kanazawa, Japan.

Various kinds of designation for a three-eyed mummy, the manifestation of evil, Mermaids, kappa, mite, raiju, etc..
That said, the demon mummy was deliberately kept in the temple which is actually a holy place so as not to wander outside and disrupt human.

Legend says that living in the community, the head demon mummy was discovered in the early 18th-century temple at the warehouse. These findings make the sensation of the priests are also public. Its existence is very mysterious. No one knows from where the head of the devil come from, and how it could be there.

The mummy's head devil has two heads overlap each other on the face, another one is behind (which resembles a Kappa). Manager shrine displaying this demon head every spring every year.

Another demon mummies were also found in the temple which is located in the city Daijōin Usa (Oita Prefecture). It is said that the mummy is a family heirloom, but disaster struck this family continually allegedly because they keep this demon mummy. Finally mummy who is a family heirloom, handed over to the temple Daijoin 1925.

It is said also, before reaching the temple Daijoin, this mummy has changed ownership many times. But evil always overwrite the owner and his family, that's why the last owner eventually handed it over to the temple.

Apparently the mummy's curse has accompanied this. Anyone who have it / store it will be affected by the disaster. Now the mummy is 'guarded' in the temple and only disclosed to the public at certain times.

In addition to the two mummies devil, it turns out there are many tangible demon mummies have been discovered. Some are stored in museums, some are kept in the temples.

photographs of other strange mummy:

»Baby demon mummy at Rakanji temple

»Mermaid mummy at the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden

»Kappa mummy at the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden (Netherlands)

»Kappa mummy at Zuiryūji Temple, Osaka