From ancient times, a variety of activities such martial arts fight, literally translated as "art battle", has been practiced and widely known.
Movies, novels, and popular culture featuring many martial arts prowess and mass destruction, but viewed from another aspect, also related to holistic training, which establish, maintain, and restore the health and fitness.
Alignment and body mechanics
The nature of martial arts training is to teach interaction with strength, ie, receiving, issuing, and harmonize the body. On the basis of prioritized training to learn the harmony and proper body mechanics.
The body is like a machine that can push, pull, rotate, and shift. We need to learn the position of the body in the right way as they move, to benefit from interaction with the earth for a stable and easy to express power.
Sole of the foot connecting the foot with the land. Martial arts training strengthens every part of the core body through the body-lock stability and ability to push and pull.
The value of martial arts training is not to defeat the ninja attack, but what we get from exercise every day. The kitchen can also be a place of our practice, as well as sweeping the leaves were also included ancient involve physical exercise.
The basic principles of martial arts, such as forms of "roots" from the standby position (standing stable) or hit and grab, which is another version of pull and push, the mirror image technique exercises that teach to harmonize the biomechanical body. Some techniques such as Pilates and Feldenkrais, rooted in martial arts.
One example of why the movement is very important in martial arts can be found when we push or pull objects. When we push or pull an object, he will push back into our bones with the same power. Posture and proper adjustment when the motion is required to distribute power to the area that can withstand the load from time to time.
Repetition is not true of any movement from time to time, along with strength, can damage elements of the muscular skeletal system. Think about how many doors that you open a lifetime, and just like lifting weights at the gym, the greater the resistance (weight), the greater the potential for injury.
Inserting these principles into our daily lives is very beneficial for our health and well-being, ranging from eliminating the potential for harm due to improper movement patterns to change bad habits into good. The attitude of full awareness (mindfulness), who encouraged and developed in the martial arts tend to be a habit out of exercise.
The training teaches the importance of skills in paying attention to how we move and what moves around us. Because the most serious accidents occur at home, this habit can be a savior.

Physical resistance to adversity
Strengthen bones, tendons and muscles is an ancient tradition in martial arts. The ability to withstand and perform an attack on the human body is very important to the martial prowess.
This method is also useful for therapeutic applications. Strengthen bone and connective tissue can prevent or reverse the effects of their debilitating condition. Strengthening exercises also can prevent or delay the occurrence of the condition.

Injuries are a fact of life in martial arts training. Since early, the need to restore and heal the body is a priority. Often the secret lies in training and basic shapes. Their main focus to lay the groundwork and develop the skills needed to advance.
Bones, like muscles and tendons have to be strong. Martial arts instructor emphasizes proper body alignment to determine if the speed and power, the body remains in the correct position. This serves to protect the body when implied movement techniques even when it's spontaneous.
Many martial arts related and rooted in traditional medicines. The method is unique and highly effective discovered since ancient times in culture systems of Africa, India, China, and a group of indigenous communities and regions in the world that links wealth of martial arts with the art and science of survival.
Practice martial arts have much in common with everyday life. Such training is an ancient healing art that can prevent injury and prolong life by strengthening situational awareness while giving us tools to deal with physical and mental burden that may impose ourselves.