Guardiola Want Chicharito taped Tight

Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola remains wary of all the United players.
ZHAMnews - Manchester United striker, Javier Hernandez received special attention from the Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola. Players who familiarly called Chicharito it thinks need special escort.

Barcelona will face Manchester United in the 2010/2011 Champions League final, Saturday, May 28, 2011. The duel that brings the two best teams of Europe will be held at Wembley Stadium, England.

Guardiola was quoted as www. hopes his players do not fall asleep with sweet memories of the past. Instead, Guardiola hoping his troops can perform better than the final 2009.

At that time, Barcelona managed to beat Manchester United with the score 2-0. Barca's two goals scored by Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto'o (now Inter Milan).

"If we play the same as 2009 it might not be enough. And if we still do everything that we do first, then we will not win this game," said Guardiola.

Guardiola has confirmed that Manchester United now have a better strength than two years ago. Moreover, according to Guardiola, this season the Red Devils have a lot of talented players.

"I worry about everything. Ferdinand could help to attack from behind. In midfield, Valencia and Nani on the wings and up front is Rooney (Wayne) and Chicharito (Javier Henandez)," said Guardiola.

"Ferguson has said if he can create four or five different teams. This shows how much talent they have," continued the 40-year-old coach.

Although not want to distinguish the players Manchester United, Barcelona still have the most players watch out for, namely Chicarito. Mexican players that he needs special care from Barca defender Gerard Pique and Javier Mascherano.

"He (Chicharito) is a pretty big surprise this season. He arrived in the penalty box in a timely manner. The speed is astounding, and he was also able to run fast with the ball at his feet," added Guardiola.

Chicharito a 22-year-old's newly strengthened MU this season. Nevertheless, the Mexican players that the Red Devils have become a mainstay on the front lines with strikers 'ornery' Wayne Rooney.

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