5 Most Deadly Martial Arts World

5 Most Deadly Martial Arts World
Today martial arts are slowly become a world phenomenon. There are thousands of types of fighting techniques are deliberately created by the human race worldwide. This encouraged many of the fighters who enjoyed martial arts to travel the world in search of martial arts and techniques of the best. Martial arts not only for consumption of martial arts fans, but the military forces also develop and merge as the most effective techniques ability to fight in battle. Here are the 5 most deadly martial arts in the world:
1. Kalarippayattu
Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest martial art form that exists. Kalarippayattu comes from Kerala, in South India. Practitioners Kalarippayattu trying to instill a high level of intelligence and spirituality using Mantra Shastra and Tantra Shastra. A Kalaripayattu practitioners who have achieved a high level of spirituality is not only capable of punching, grappling, using various types of weapons, but also has the ability to feel movements opponent and survive before being attacked. Kalaripayattu develop a sixth sense ability and agility of motion.
Kalarippayattu (source: wordpress)

2. Sambo
Sambo originated from the Russian Federation in 1938. Sambo wrestling is a martial art that comes from judo and wrestling techniques Eastern Europe. Special technique called Combat Sambo Sambo used by the military and elite forces around the world to paralyze the enemy in close combat situations. With this technique Sambo practitioners can drop your opponent and wounded parts of their bodies with a lock in seconds.
Sambo (source: yugo21)

3. Muay Thai
Muay Thai martial art known as the "Art of Eight Limbs". Martial arts came from Thailand, and now a national sport in the land of the White Elephant. A practitioner of Muay Thai has the ability to attack using the shin, elbow, hand and knee. Muay Thai practitioners generally try to reach the opponent and locking them firmly and slammed his knee into the vital parts. They tried to drop the opponent as quickly and as effectively as possible.
Muay Thai (source: blogspot)

4. Krav Maga
Krav Maga literally means the "Battle of the Hand to Hand" and developed the techniques of street fighting in Israel. Krav Maga has become one of the martial arts of the fastest growing in the world today. Krav Maga is more focused on defense rather than offensive threat, so that finally a practical and useful in today's global context. Difference variation of Krav Maga is used in military forces around the world and in Special Forces like, Mossad, FBI and British SAS.
Krav Maga (source: blogspot)

5. Silat
Silat from Indonesia. At first glance looks like a motion martial arts movements slow and smooth like a dance. But all that movement is used to trick the opponent. When practitioners of Silat attack, he would immediately lead to the most vital part of the opponent, such as the throat up to the pubic. Silat is also provided with the ability to lock the opponent in various forms of position, either when dropped or when the opponent is still standing. When locking the opponent, Silat technique only aims to kill the opponent. Silat is also equipped with the ability of sixth sense that can make them know where the opponent's attack. Silat is a basic skills required to force the military elite in Indonesia and Malaysia .(**)
Pencak Silat (Source: sentanaonline)